St. Joan of Arc School    Aberdeen, MD

Weekly Update October 15, 2014
Weekly Update October 8, 2014
Weekly Update October 1, 2014
Weekly Update September 24, 2014
Weekly Update August 5, 2014
Weekly Update June 12, 2014

School Events
•  Individual Picture Day
•  Pirate Adventure Field Trip (Gr. 4)
•  Middle School Social (7th Gr. sponsors)
Time: 6:30 PM
•  Halloween Party
Time: 2:00 PM
•  Bill Brown Cross Country - Tollgate Park
Time: 3:00 PM
•  McDonald's Lunch
Recurrence: Monthly from 10/28/2014 to 10/29/2014
•  PreK Farm Field Trip
•  Liturgy
Time: 8:30 AM
•  Sr. Hand Bells
Time: 3:10 PM

Organizations Events
•  Choir Rehearsal  (Chorus)
Time: 3:00 PM
•  Bill Brown Youth Race #3  (Running Club)
•  Senior Bell Rehearsal  (Handbell Choir)
Time: 3:00 PM
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Sr. Margaret, Artist David Cunningham, 8th Grade Students

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