St. Joan of Arc School    Aberdeen, MD

STEM Vision and Mission Statement

SJA STEM Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The faith community of Saint Joan of Arc School seeks to gather teachers and learners who will enrich the global society with 21st Century skills through innovation, collaboration, problem-solving, reason, and God-given talents.

Mission Statement

The mission of St Joan of Arc School (SJA) is to create a vibrant 21st Century learning environment that infuses a rigorous, integrated, STEM based curriculum coupled with the richness of the Catholic faith.

At SJA, in alliance with the Archdiocese of Baltimore, SJA Professional Learning Communities, parents and regional area partnerships, we strive to establish a school with:

  • Teachers and staff who as lifelong faith-filled learners, model and incorporate thorough, integrated, curricular collaboration of STEM problem-solving and project-based learning through real world experiences.
  • Students who engage, investigate, and apply critical thinking and creativity in a morally responsible exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, integrated with Humanities.
  • Parents and guardians who enrich STEM learning by sharing career, project, and after school club experiences to expand student interest in STEM careers and further enhance their God given talents for the good of the global community.
  • Business and academic communities, who in conjunction with school leadership, actively participate in assisting teachers and students through meaningful relationships to advance STEM learning opportunities, and provide for a well-rounded workforce for the future.