Infusing Catholic Identity into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Learn more about the STEM program at St. Joan of Arc and how students benefit.

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Feb 14

Happy Valentine's Day! Band, Jr. Lego

"Abe Lincoln" will visit students

Feb 15

Northbay Next Program Grades 3 & 6

Feb 18

Presidents' Day! No School toay.

Feb 19

Liturgy (Gr. 8); SJA Voices, Bowling

Feb 20

Waste Free Wednesday; Yearbook

Feb 21


Feb 22

Catholic High School Notifications; AOB Night at the Baltimore Blasts

Feb 25

Creative Writing (middle school)

Feb 26

Liturgy (Gr. 7); SJA Voices, Bowling

Feb 27

Waste Free Wednesday, Yearbook

Feb 28

FACTS Grant & Aid application deadline; Band, Jr. Lego

Mar 1

Designer Handbag Bingo at 6PM

Mar 2

Family liturgy at 5PM; Mardi Gras celebration at 6PM

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St. Joan of Arc Catholic School creates a vibrant 21st Century learning environment that infuses Catholic identity into every aspect of a curriculum focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

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