Student Council

Students in Grades 5 through 8 fill various Student Council Offices. They represent the students and help to plan activities. Elections take place in the beginning of the school year. Students must have a petition signed by fellow students, two of their teachers, and the Principal in order to participate.They are role models for others and Accelerate to Leadership at St. Joan of Arc!

2020-21 Officers

President:                            Ryan W.
Vice-President:                    Kendall N.
Secretary:                            Elyse M.
Treasurer:                            Collin B.
At Large Representatives             Makayla O. and Danny S.
5th Grade Representatives           Sophia C. and Aisling R.
6th Grade Representatives           Alex C. and London F.
7th Grade Representative             Phillip J.
8th Grades Representatives         Olivia A. and John B.

Student Council Rules/Petition/Timeline